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For the website of our Conservative Member of Parliament, Sarah Atherton, please visit: Sarah Atherton's website.


Sarah Atherton 4 Wrexham

Featured Story

THE Wrexham MP Sarah Atherton has spoken of her satisfaction after delivering on her promise to get Brexit done less than two months after being elected.

Upon succeeding Ian Lucas in December, Mrs Atherton promised her constituency that she would help to force Brexit through and end any uncertainty in the area.

Wrexham voted overwhelmingly in favour of the Unite Kingdom leaving the European Union at the 2016 referendum, and as of 11pm on January 31, their votes were made a reality as the UK ceased to be a member of the EU.

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Employment hits record high

New jobs figures today show that employment is at a record high – with more people in work than ever before –and unemployment is at its lowest since 1974.

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