Letter to Leader from K Miller  ( August27th)The Rt Hon Edward Milliband, Leader of the Opposition, is a great fan of M. Francois Hollande, President of France, and would like to bring his style of policies here, but after what they have done to France - beware!!France has zero growth, whilst we are expected to expand by 3.5% this year. France has 3.3million out of work and rising, whereas our jobless rate is 6.4% and falling.All their woes cannot be blamed solely on the Euro, they have all been exacerbated by M.Hollande's tax and spend Socialism, just what Mr Milliband wants to impose on us - so again beware!!More has to be done before the current upturn translates into higher living standards.  However the past two years have proved that the Conservative-led government has chosen the right road to recovery, while France has gone in the wrong direction, a direction that Labour wants to take.Will Messrs Milliband and Balls ever realise they are wedded to policies that have brought France to her knees, and which would surely do the same to us if we were stupid enough to give them that chance.  There would be more spending, more taxes and more debt. Beware!!!K.F.Miller,Gresford.    lETTER TO LEADER FROM F J HEATON

  • Tom Bradley (Letters Fri 1 Aug) gets it absolutely right when he says that the Labour Party has done nothing for North Wales.  I would extend that further to include the rest of the United Kingdom. Recent Labour governments have left the U.K. in dire straits and Mrs Thatcher and Mr Cameron have had to repair broken economies and virtually everything else.I shudder to think what would happen if we were unfortunate to get another Labour government next May. The Rt Hon Edward Milliband is a great fan of the French President Francois Hollande who has brought his country to its knees, and he would no doubt do the same to us.The Conservatives have done a good job these last four years despite being handicapped by the LibDems and they need to be a majority government to continue what thay have already done, and to make this country Great again.F.J.Heaton,



Your left-wing correspondents are always looking for something to moan about, and if they can't find anything, they make something up.Neil Edwards is certainly one of these as his letter criticising me was an absolute load of rubbish.Our economy is now larger than it was before Labour's recession, which was the longest and deepest since the war, and which hit businesses and families hard.The Conservative-led government cut the jobs tax, with 725,000 businesses already benefitting and able to create more jobs. There are 1.8 million more people in work, with the security of a pay packet to provide for them and their families.Labour doubled income tax for the poorest by abolishing the 10p tax band.  Now every person paying tax at the 10p rate when Labour doubled it will be paying no income tax on that income.  David Cameron's government has delivered an average tax cut of £705 for over 25 million people, and taken over 3 million out of tax altogether. So this has benefitted the poorest of people not harmed them as Mr Edwards seem to think.As for the usual moaning about so-called "millionaires", the top rate of tax is higher now than it was for all but the final month of the last Labour governments' 156 months in power. Also the richest 1% now pay 30% of income tax - a record high.  What is wrong with that ?The moaners like to feed on falsehoods and twisted statistics, but the Conservatives deal in facts. That is why they need to win the coming general election, otherwise we will again be in deep trouble, just like we were in 1979 and 2010 when Labour had made its usual mess of things.K.F.Miller.Gresford.



Letter to Wrexham Leader 15 May 2014 from Tom Bradley  Dear sir,
This week marks 15 years of Labour rule in Wales. It is worth reflecting on what this has brought us.
Wales is now the poorest region in the United Kingdom, with dangerously high hospital death rates, and the UK's worst performing education system.
In our NHS, waiting time targets have not been met for over 5 years. Cancer waiting time targets have not been met for over 6 years. A&E and maternity units have been closed. Welsh cancer patients cannot access the drugs they so desperately need, as the Labour Welsh Government refuses to set up a cancer drugs fund. And what has been Labour's response? They have cut NHS funding by over 8%.
In our schools the quality of education our children are receiving is falling. Wales has some of the lowest standards of education in the UK, and in the developed world. And what have Labour done? They abandoned national testing and academic rigour in an attempt to disguise this fact.
We also have the privilege of paying more in taxes than ever before, thanks to the Labour-led Welsh Assembly Government. In the last 15 years Labour has delivered a 112% increase in our council tax bills.
So, after 15 years of Labour rule in Wales, I think people can quite clearly see what they get, and can quite clearly see that it is time to give Labour the boot.
Yours sincerely,
Tom Bradley  Letter to Leader April 4th 2014 from Tom Bradley: For all the Labour Party’s talk of a cost-of-living crisis, and that of their apologists, I would ask readers to examine the facts. On Sunday, as a result of the coalition Government’s tax reforms, 387 of the poorest people in Wrexham were taken out of tax altogether. 28,092 people across Wrexham were also paying less tax from Sunday. And, since the Coalition Government has come to power, over 3000 of the poorest hard-working people now pay no tax. This latest measure means that the average tax-payer is now paying £705 less tax every year. At the same time, the rich are now paying the highest proportion of tax ever. However, I acknowledge that all is not rosy for the people of Wrexham. Thanks to the Labour-led Welsh Assembly refusing money from Westminster, we are now paying even more council tax in Wrexham and across Wales. In Chester, the Conservatives have frozen it for the next two years. Labour may talk of a cost-of-living crisis, but it is clear that if there is one, then the blame lies solely with them! I am certain your readers will see past the Labour party’s spin, and will realise that it is the Conservative Party who are on the side of hard-working people. Yours sincerely, Tom Bradley       7.4.2014      

It is funny how the facts almost always differ from the rantings of Labour apologists.
The local Labour Party chairman reiterates the falsehood that the UK government was "determined" to close the Wrexham Remploy factory, when closure followed the recommendations of the independent Sayce review and the decision was taken by the Remploy board, NOT the UK government.
The Sayce Review was welcomed by the Disability Rights Partnership, representing over 500 local and national organisations led by disabled people.  They said "The Sayce Review shifts the debate and is based on people's experiences, highlighting how to tackle barriers at work".
I did not lament about Lesley Griffiths and Ian Lucas, but pointed out that the local press tended to ignore the efforts of Welsh Conservative AMs to protect the factory.
In 2010/11, 20,000 disabled people were helped into employment, including 2,000 in Wales and 220in Wrexham alone.  This compares with approximately 200 employees across the five factories in Wales now scheduled to close, each of which will benefit from the £8million support package. guaranteeing tailored support for up to 18 months.  Nowhere did I say "this is not about cuts", although it is a fact that the UK budget for specialist disability employment services has been fully protected, an additional £15million has been added to the Access to Work programme, helping disabled people and employers with adjustments to premises, transport costs and other in-work support, and the UK Government is recruiting a Disabled People's Ambassador for Wales who will go out to businesses to promote Access to Work.  The Remploy Branch on Regent Street, Wrexham also provides one-to-one support.
As I did say, when the UK Labour government closed Remploy factories in 2008, they failed to adequately support the 2,500 people who lost their jobs.
Finally, those at Remploy in Wrexham have my sympathy, I know what it is like to be made redundant, and to be disabled.



Labour’s Cuts To The Welsh NHS Don't Heal

It is thirteen years since the Welsh Assembly came into being yet there are still many people who don’t know what its responsibilities are. Ms Wendy Evans (Leader Letters, 7th September) discusses the cuts being made to the Welsh NHS and then refers to ‘this new government at No 10’.
Responsibility for the Welsh NHS lies firmly with the Welsh Labour Government. Despite being given the funding by the Conservative-led UK government to maintain NHS spending as they are doing in England, the Welsh Labour Government has decided to go ahead with its cuts.
These are Labour’s cuts to the Welsh NHS. Cuts that don't heal, and people need to understand that it is Labour that is swinging the scalpel.

John Bell
North Wales Area Chairman