Local News

Busy week for Cllr Paul Rogers

Local meetings this week. Brymbo Conservative Club June 16;Tanyfron &Vron residents June 17; Plas Brymbo Residents June 18.

Queen’s Speech Welcomed by Wrexham Conservatives

On June 4th, the Queen’s speech set out the government’s legislative agenda for the year ahead. Its centrepiece was a change to our pensions system that will give those in Wrexham who work hard and do the right thing more security in their retirement. The speech also included measures to help Wrexham families with the cost of childcare and to protect workers from exploitation. It also paves the way for the biggest investment in roads since the 1970s, further measures to tackle serious crime and to fight modern slavery.

Help for long term unemployed in Wrexham

Those in Wrexham who have been unemployed for a long period of time are set to receive extra help, after a new Government initiative launched last month.

Crime at its Lowest Level since Records Began

Crime has fallen to its lowest level since 1981, when records began. Both recorded crime and the survey of people’s experience of crime show that crime has fallen by more than ten per cent under this Government, to its lowest level since records began. In North Wales, crime has also fallen again. There have been reductions in burglary, criminal damage, arson and vehicle offences.

Quiz Champions

Wrexham Conservatives held their annual Quiz Night at the Belmont Hotel in April. 

Welsh Labour failing Wales

What has the Welsh Labour Government done for Wales:
The deepest NHS cuts of any UK Nation, the biggest in the history of the Welsh NHS - Yet this needn’t have been the case. The UK Government provided funding for the English NHS to protect its budget in real terms and gave the Welsh Labour Government funding so that it could do the same. It failed to pass this on to our Welsh NHS.

Boundary Commission Proposals

Wrexham Association Chairman responds to the Boundary Commission proposals.We have studied the responses received during the recent consultation process and firmly believe the Commission’s original proposals are still the best option for Wrexham, North Wales and Wales as a whole. Any major changes would have a domino effect across North Wales, in fact the counter proposals would have that effect across the whole of Wales.

Other than a small adjustment in the Ruabon/Penycae wards it is our conclusion therefore that the Boundary Commission should implement their proposals as they stand.

New Arrival

Congratulations to Gareth and his wife on their new arrival. She arrived at 2am yesterday morning and it was a good birth. 7 pounds and 3 ounces.