Wrexham Leader: Assurances sought for Welsh Patients

A newly elected MP has called for assurances that Welsh patients will not have difficulties accessing treatment over the boarder in the future. 

Last week in the House of Commons, Wrexham MP Sarah Atherton highlighted the "neglect that has blighted Wales due to the Welsh Labour Government in Cardiff" over the last 20 years.


Ms Atherton drew attention to a prominent issue that affected Wrexham last year, whereby patients from North East Wales were refused care in the Countess of Chester Hospital over the border; due to a disagreement which stemmed from the Welsh Labour Government’s refusal to pay for care.

She said: "Many patients from North East Wales attend hospitals for general and specialist care over the border

"Last year there was a disagreement between the Welsh Labour Government and the Countess of Chester hospital over paying for that care and subsequently care treatment was delayed and cancelled.”


Ms Atherton asked the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock, for assurances that he would work with the Welsh Labour Government to ensure that such a problem does not happen again and that Wrexham residents are able to continue receiving specialist and general care over the border.

She asked Matt Hancock to “give assurances that he will speak to the Welsh Labour government to avoid this situation reoccurring.”


Mr Hancock acknowledged the cross-border issues and gave his assurances that he would work to ensure that a similar instance does not occur.

He said: “I’m glad that we resolved problems with the countess of Chester serving people who live in North Wales.

"It was ridiculous that we got to a position where the countess of Chester was unable to take patients from North Wales.

"we came to a good compromised solution and we’ve got to make sure that it keeps working, so that sort of problem doesn’t happen again.”


Ms Atherton sought further assurances for her Wrexham constituency from the Secretary of State for Wales, Simon Hart, urging the Secretary to ensure that Wrexham will benefit from the shared prosperity fund. 

She said: “Under the Welsh Labour Government Wrexham has missed out on opportunities for the last 20 years.

"Can the secretary of state give assurances that Wrexham will start to receive benefits from the shared prosperity fund.”


Secretary of State for Wales, Simon Hart, gave his assurances to the people of Wrexham that they would benefit from this fund, and Ms Atherton welcomes this good news.