Wrexham Leader: Labour Fail to Make and Stick to Decision

Sarah Atherton has written a piece on the Welsh Labour Governments inability to make and stick to a decision for today's Wrexham Leader: 



At last, a big thank you, for some clarity and truth from your contributors. Mr Heaton (Letters, Sept 12) and Steven Vale (Letters, Sept 11) rightly point out that far from being solely focused on Brexit, Boris Johnson's UK Government has recently given over £600M to Wales.

As our hospitals in North Wales are in crisis and our schools underfunded by £645 per pupil, it is the Welsh Labour Government in Cardiff who will choose where to spend this extra funding. 

Come on Welsh Labour Government, use this UK money to sort out the mess you have made in our Northern hospitals and schools. 

Remember it is Welsh Labour that runs the NHS and Education in Wales. In the last few weeks the UK Government has provided the biggest ever boost to the Welsh economy.

Where are the headlines and reports on this?

Meanwhile, as both Mr Miller and Mr Sharples point out (Letters, Sept 12), the Labour Party, under Mr Corbyn, have been calling for an election for the past two years but now procrastinate at the possibility.

Just like their lack of policy on Brexit, the Labour party has shown it is incapable of making a decision and sticking to it. 

At leaser we know where the Conservative Johnson Government is going - to deliver on the democratic vote of the people of this country and following on from that delivering on crime, education, health and the economy. 







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