Wrexham Conservatives Welcomes New Chairman

Local Conservatives welcomed Don Sturgeon, who lives in the Gresford, as their new Chairman at their Annual General Meeting on Wednesday.

In a speech to local members, Mr Sturgeon said: 

"I'm delighted to have been given the opportunity to assist the Conservatives of Wrexham to further increase our profile in the constituency. Our local team have already worked tirelessly to increase our presence on Wrexham Council to 9 fantastic local councillors."

He continued: "Excellent work has been achieved in recent years where the Conservatives are quite literally knocking on the door in electing a Conservative Member of Parliament in what is historically one of the longest held and strongest Labour seats in the region

"I am committed to doing whatever is necessary to support the our grassroots supporters to put Wrexham on the political landscape as a Conservative constituency. We will be working hard to increase our support and our membership as part of our campaign strategy to elect a Conservative as our parliamentarian at the next election."